Refurbished Huawei Watch

Refurbished Huawei Band Smartwatches

Talk about Android phones and you can’t but talk about this brand. Huawei is a Chinese manufacturer that makes a number of cheap smartphones every now and then. They ventured into the smart watch couple years ago and flooded the market with its product. It was hugely anticipated even as it came on the wings on the emergence of the Apple watch. Some have even speculated that most of the specs it boosts of were heavily influenced by the previously released Apple watch. Before we look at the specifications of this watch, it is crucial to note that getting a refurbished product depends on where you are getting it from and individual preference.

There are phone companies that see to the refurbishing procedure themselves. It is usually advisable to purchase the product from such companies as there is this sense of security and assurance and calm attached to their products. There are third party companies that are also in the business of refurbishing, this is where consumer preference comes into play. Let us take a look at the Huawei refurbished watch and its specs.

Product Technical Specifications

It has a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon for super speed processing

It houses a 512 MB RAM with an internal storage size of 4GB

It has a circular screen with AMOLED display

It has a pixel density of 286 ppi, which is pretty good for sharper and clearer picture quality

It has an operating system of 4.3 or above and can work with any Android device or any Apple device with an iOs of 8.2 and above

It is also very comfortable to wear, has an awesome look with high-resolution features. Wi-Fi enabled for phone fewer functions.
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