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Refurbished Apple Watch - Certified Pre-Owned Smartwatches

You made the right choice opening this article to read before dashing off to getting a refurbished Apple watch. Decisions you make without taking the time to research and get proper information; most of the time doesn’t always lead to fulfilled expectations. With that out already, let us get right to it.

It is important to know what a refurbished item is. The word ‘refurbished’ means to rebuild from scratch or to restore back to a previous state. Think of the time you had to restore your phone back to its factory settings? Exactly! Another way of re-defining the word would be when a customer returns an already purchased good back to the retailer due to one issue or the other. The retailer or third party refurbishing outfit confirms if the good truly had the issue complained about and then goes on to dismantle and rectify the issue with the good. They return the good, be it a phone or electronic gadget, back to its intended operational status before they proceed to sell again.

The same applies in the case of Apple products; the apple watch as the subject of discussion. There is absolutely wrong in purchasing a refurbished smartwatch. An important reason being that Apple also runs its own refurbishing procedure itself and you can be sure that they are pretty expensive. When you talk Apple, the word quality always comes up in the conversation a thousand and one times. They would spare no expense no cost as they have a reputation and brand name to protect. No reason why Apple products boast of an outspoken and devoted fan base, asides their user-friendly and pretty gadgets.

It is also not difficult to identify a refurbished Apple product as these model have model numbers that start with the letter ‘F’. It is a rule actually so you can be sure the smart watch you are using would serve you better during a long period of time as the one your friend uses. Even with any refurbishing work done on any Apple watch, one would expect that the price tag wouldn’t be as exuberant but sorry to disappoint because they very much are. The store you purchase them may carry different price tags though. The warranty Apple guarantees on its refurbished Apple watches is just one year although most companies that also refurbish offer a 90-day warranty, the same is for refurbished Samsung Gear smartwatches; if you expect a warranty extension, you may pay more.


Taking a swim in the deepest water level doesn’t wreck it because it is water resistant.

It has an AMOLED touchscreen display

It has a sapphire crystal screen

It has a processor speed of 520 MHz, which is good enough for a smart watch

It houses an internal memory space of 8GB and a 512MB ram size

Its battery is non-removable

It also has an Mp3 player, photo viewer and other interesting features

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