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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S - Factory Unlocked Galaxy S5,S6,S7 and More

Every company releases flagships year after year, making smaller improvements. Despite the invested effort with producing top notch flagship smartphones, it often occurs that some of the models come with a flaw. These models are usually returned to a retailer who either refurbishes the model on the spot, or if the problems are more complex, the models are sent to the manufacturer who conducts the refurbishing process. Why is this good for you?

Well, the good thing is that once these devices are found in the market again, they are offered at significantly lower prices, e.g. discounts ranging from 15% to 50% depending on the model.

This process occurs to all the manufacturers, no matter how good and popular they are, and it is no different when it comes to Samsung. The flagship models that have made the Samsung company one of the most popular brands in the mobile phone market are their Galaxy S Series smartphones.

These phones represent the pinnacle of Samsung’s smartphone offer. The only problem is, they cost quite a lot. However, you can see that we sell certified pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon models, which are in no way different than the brand new models.

What are the benefits of getting a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5?

Despite the fact that the smartphone industry is releasing new models every year, the overall progress in performance of new generation smartphones is slow, and there is no reason to pay double or triple the price for a device only because it is new.

Samsung likes to show that the new devices from the Galaxy S series are significantly faster than their predecessors. Now, there are cases in which all this is true, but the majority of smartphone consumers do not use their phones for engaging tasks, they use their laptops or PCs for that.

Phones are mostly used for messaging via different messaging platforms, and a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to perform just as well as a Galaxy 7 in this role.

But there is catch – a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon is practically a new device, and it’s actually several times cheaper than the Galaxy S7. This is the biggest advantage that you are getting with a refurbished device – great value for your money. The device is still a flagship model, it packs a lot of power, has a great screen and all the other premium elements, but at a much more reasonable price.

How good are Samsung refurbished phones?

The first thing you need to understand is that not all phones are accepted for the refurbishing process. The phone needs to be in perfect physical condition in order to be accepted for this process. The phones that were heavily used and noticeably damaged undergo a different process and are not returned to the market.

This ensures that you are always going to receive a Samsung refurbished phone that looks as good as new. It is going to be practically new, except for the fact that it is going to cost you much less. When it comes to reliability, the device will work just as well as a new one. Therefore, phones like the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S6 are reliable, practically new and, most importantly, cheap.

All this shows that getting a restored phone is a much better option than getting a new one, as it allows you to actually purchase a new phone for a significantly lower price.

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