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Restored LG X Screen - Factory Unlocked LG Mobiles

LG Phone lovers who are looking to change or switch devices while considering their budgets need to read and have this in mind. Depending on the model of LG You were using before, proper consideration should be made to factor in some details about the current LG Phone you are using and the one You have in mind.

The details put into the production of the LG X Screen shows a lot about the thought process put into the production of the Device and switching to a restored LG X Screen or to a reconditioned LG Nexus 5 is highly advised considering how awesome it is. Surely, the LG Screen is a great and good-looking phone. Merely looking at it, you would feel like it is worth a lot more than what price it obtains for currently in the market. Looking at it impresses upon you how sleek the design is, the rounded edges, the second screen feature: which is one of the major reasons it stands out the most. It also comes with a Phone glass back panel that is not only a back panel, but also a fingerprint magnet. Before I delve totally into the product making me look too excited about it, let me outline key strong features of the Phone over other LG phones.

Camera Properties:

The LG X Screen comes with a 13MP rear camera and it has a flashlight with it. But the surprising great part is its ability to incorporate an 8MP front camera. Knowing how important selfies are becoming nowadays, having an 8MP front camera definitely stands the Phone out.

Display Screen:

The LG Screen has a double display feature which is rare among phones but as a technology is gradually becoming popular. The primary display works like a default screen but the secondary display feature is a 1.8-inch “Always on” panel. This screen controls things such as music playback, torch, notifications etc. all without waking the phone up. It also allows for easy switching between screens.

Android OS and basic configuration:

The LG X Screen runs on the fresh new Android Marshmallow 6.0. This is a feature that comes with the phone directly out of the box. It runs on the Qualcomm’s 64 bit Snapdragon 410 which is a huge plus for a device that does not cost that much. And it is effortlessly backed up with 2GB of RAM. Internal memory comes with a whooping 16GB which is easily expandable with the provision of an SD slot.

Battery Life:

Generally, looking at how easily reconditioned Android phones can be drained up, having a phone that translates about 11 hours of battery life is quite impressive.

So, there You have it, when You decide to look for an attractive and cheap LG mobile that would incorporate all the features You need such as very strong performance, sterling battery life, a very competent camera, and a surprising front camera, Yes, the LG X Screen should be your first option. So regardless of whether it is new or refurbished you are sure you are getting your money’s worth.

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