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In a scenario where you are working with a low budget, and You need to get not just a Phone, but a great Phone that will fulfill all your phone needs, were do You turn to? Well, I have a major option for you. You can try either the LG Nexus or the LG Optimus or You can just stick to the LG Tribute. On one hand, you are wondering why I mentioned these other two and you may be asking how they fit in the picture. However, what I will do, is to compare the refurbished LG Tribute alongside either the refurbished LG Nexus and the refurbished LG Optimus. Then You would appreciate the awesome quality that You will get with the LG Tribute.

So, in this part, I will be discussing the two of them: the refurbished LG Nexus and the refurbished LG Optimus. We will try and look at what makes them both unique and why You can place them side by side with the LG Tribute and the Tribute will still come out on top.

The refurbished LG Nexus 5X vs the refurbished LG Tribute:

The two would have been similar if not for a few differences that are enough to make a huge difference. The first thing that stands out the Tribute is its active noise cancellation feature. Now, the display is another deal breaker coming with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

The Tribute has a lot of options in the 2G, 3G and 4G section as compared to the few options obtainable with the Nexus. Camera Features also: the Tribute is 8mp while the Nexus is 5mbp. Lastly, the OS the Tribute runs on is the Android OS, v5.0 and it is upgradeable to Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow) while the Nexus runs far behind with the Android OS, v4.4.2 (Kitkat) with no upgrade abilities. I will put a pause here with this now.

The Refurbished LG Optimus vs the Refurbished LG Tribute:

We already have an idea of what the Tribute comes with. However, we do not know how that relates to what the Optimus has so let’s delve right in. Looking first at the OS, the Optimus runs on Android 2.2 upgradeable to 4.0 which is way below the Android 5.0 the Tribute runs with. Compared to the Tribute which runs on a Gig of RAM, the Optimus runs on 512mb of RAM. However, a lot of other features look really similar but the very important features are where the major things We look out for are.

So, let us go to the pricing. At this point, you are probably wondering why and how much the price difference would be. Now, if the phones were new, You could get a big difference in pricing but because they are refurbished phones, the difference in pricing would be different. So, if they are refurbished mobiles, you can rest assured about the quality and at this low price, it is better advised you go for the Refurbished LG Tribute.

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