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Refurbished LG MAGNA - Unlocked LG Mobiles

Many manufacturers of phones in the world compete with each other, so as to get the interest of customers at heart. People are not easily convinced by the facial look of a phone, rather they are convinced with what the phone has to offer. It is now the duty of the manufacturers to impress their customers on why they need to get a brand of phone they produce. In doing this, it will be of great significance to introduce the LG Magna, by highlighting some of its features, its pros, its cons, and these points are discussed below:


We cannot but emphasize that in getting a phone, the quality of the screen as to be considered in relations to the output of the graphics seen on the screen. The LG Magna has a unique 5.0 inches in size that ensures that that the IPS LCD has a capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors and a resolution up to about 720 x 1280 pixels.

Battery Capacity

The performance and reliability of every phone solely depend on the battery, without this in place, the customer will be frustrated on the usage of his/her phone. The LG Magna and the LG Optimus have a quality battery in place and this design has widely received praise from customers who have used this phone so far, the battery capacity is about 2540 Mah, issues people have as regards the issue of battery in previous designs is being avoided by the manufacturer.

Memory Capacity

The memory space is small to a great extent, though it can be expanded to about 32 GB memory space capacity, which is made possible by the function of the Micro SD slot. Most customers also complained that when installing apps to their internal memory which is about 8 GB, it gets to an extent that the device cannot store app on the internal memory. The manufacturer didn’t make provision for switching these apps to the external memory, it is indeed a great concern for most customers who have made this device their primary phone.


Some accessories give us the very best, as we utilize the usage of this phone, accessories such as the chargers, instructional manuals, headsets, extra battery go a long way in making sure that all customers enjoy his or her phone, these accessories is included within the pack of this device.

Quad Band

The quad-band makes it easy to switch between one mode of a network to another mode. As we all know that not all these bands are available in our various locations, one may have a 3G network working perfectly in his or her area, likewise, another user can have a functional 4G network working in his or her area. So depending on what was available at that time, the pre-owned LG Magna or the refurbished LG Nexus 5X makes it easy to switch to a preferred mode of choice.

Finally, a lot has been said about this wonderful product and it can be deduced beyond reasonable doubt that indeed the performance of this restored phone model is of great importance to the society.

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