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Refurbished LG G Series - Unlocked LG Mobiles

There are factors responsible for the needs of humans, one of these factors make sure that people have a smooth communication. Communication is one of the keys to life and since time memorial people have found a way of relating to one another. As time evolves, communication approach keeps improving until it got to the usage of a mobile phone. LG G Series is one of the beneficiaries of communication; without communication, there won’t be a need for phones, connectivity, etc. On this note it is important we discuss some of the key features of refurbished LG G Series, as we highlight its features, its pros, its cons and reasons why people crave to get this device, these points are discussed below;

13-Megapixel Camera with Optical Image Stabilization

The quality of this camera is one of a kind, this is because the manufacturer took their time to add certain features to the usage of this phone; one of such features is the zoom capability, the camera is able to take pictures and video shot quality up to about 1080 pixel resolution. The Optical image stabilization ensures that the camera is stable when taking pictures in shaky conditions as it helps to improve the focus of the camera. Even in a low light setting, the autofocus can take quality pictures, by improving the focus and depth of field with 9 AF points.

Edge to edge display

The display of the phone is very sharp, with 423 per inch resolution gives every detail on the screen, giving cognizance to the IPS display that gives a very rich color and a bright white display character. The display pattern is about 16:9 cinema quality standard, the G Series makes use of a G Ram technology that has the capacity of reducing the energy usage of the phone to about 26 percentage on a still frame.


The warranty period of this phone has lesser days as compared to other phone models, it only has a 30-day return policy that caters for any abnormality observed while using the phone. This kind of platform won’t encourage some customer to go for this phone as they will doubt the authenticity of this device.

Battery Capacity

When getting a device of any kind, a key feature that is to be considered at all times is the choice of battery, some customers have been a victim of getting a phone that has a poor battery. It can be so frustrating if one discovers that a phone has all the needed features, and it lacks a good battery. The battery of the LG Series has received praise from the customer who have used this phone so far, many of the customers vouching for its great performance. The same battery type can be found equipping the LG Nexus 5.

In conclusion, to a great extent one can recommend this product to any individual that do not have much money, because of the fact that the phone is cheap and it has a lot of features that makes it easy to perform many functions.

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