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Factory Unlocked LG Refurbished Mobiles

Purchasing refurbished LG phones is one of the easiest way of saving money when shopping for that much-desired cell phone. Normally, these phones are returned by previous owners before being refurbished and resold. The following are some benefits of buying refurbished cell phones.


You stand to make significant money savings when buying refurbished LG phones. This is because they are cheaper than new cellphones albeit the fact that they have similar specifications. These phones are relatively cheaper since they are used and therefore, can neither be labelled nor sold as new. Buying a refurbished phone is also beneficial since it can help you replace a stolen or faulty cellphone easily, more so if you do not have adequate funds to buy a new unit at a higher price.


Buying LG refurbished phones is an eco-friendly option since they are recycled products. Rather than getting dumped in landfills, they get restored for resale purposes. This contributes to environmental conservation.


Most retailers offer warranties on a refurbished phone. In most cases, there is a 3-month warranty period, which can be beneficial in the event that the phone malfunctions. The presence of a warranty means that your phone can be repaired or replaced at no extra cost in case it malfunctions.

Safety Tips to Consider

It is advisable to evaluate potential hazards that are associated with purchasing a refurbished LG Nexus. This is because the phone may either have been stolen from its previous owner, or improperly refurbished. You should keep the following safety tips in mind.

Factory Settings

When shopping for an LG refurbished phone, you must ascertain that its factory settings have been restored so that it doesn’t have any link to its previous owner. This will allow you to set it to your own preferences. The phone shouldn’t have any previous usage history.

Factory-Issued Accessories

You need to ask yourself whether the refurbished cell phone that you intend to purchase comes with accessories such as the charger, battery, and headphones. In addition, ascertain that they are compatible with the phone. The inclusion of wrong accessories may cause the phone to malfunction in future.

Electronic Serial Number

Every phone has a unique electronic serial number (ESN) underneath the battery. You can contact its manufacturer to ascertain its usage history, and details of its previous owner. This goes a long way in helping you establish its authenticity.

Locked or Unlocked

Some phones are locked to certain mobile services provider. Before purchasing an LG Tribute refurbished, it is advisable to ensure that it works with your mobile service provider. Unlocked phones work with most providers and networks. Besides this, check on the phone model’s history since some phone models have operating and mechanical issues.

Buying a refurbished phone is an easy way of owning that much-desired cellphone. You need to be careful since phones that malfunctioned before being refurbished are likely to develop physical and internal defects in future. Buying from a reputable dealer is advisable since such phones are thoroughly inspected, serviced, and repackaged before they are resold.

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