Refurbished HUAWEI Y6

Refurbished Huawei Y6 - Unlocked Cell Phones

The beauty attached to every phone is for it to perform to its full capacity, in reality we don’t get this all the time, as most phones haven’t performed to their best. The only difference between Huawei Y6 and other phones is that the Huawei Y6 has features that make it unique. These features will be discussed upon as we highlight its pros and its cons below;

Memory Capacity

The memory of the Huawei Y6 is of high standard, the external memory can be expanded to about 256 GB making room for more storage. Though the internal memory is about 8 GB, the ram memory comes in two variants; it is either a 1 GB ram or a 2 GB ram.


It is expected that for us to get the very best out of every phone, certain features have to be in place, one of such features is the display; if we do away with this feature then the phone is entirely useless. The unlocked Huawei Y6 makes use of quality graphics with screen resolution dimension of 720 by 1280 pixels, it also has the IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and a size of 5.0 inches.

Sound Quality

The choice of sound is another key feature when it comes to discounted mobile phones, because some customers are music freaks, they need to get better music functions when they listen to their music. The only constraint here is the fact that most customers complained that the speaker attached to this device is of low quality and that the speaker has issues with little or no time after purchase.

Operating System

The Huawei Y6 is pre-installed with an android, 5.1 operating systems, this will enable the phone to have a sleek performance at all times, the operating system is superb and it does not lag like other lower operating system.

Battery Capacity

It has a battery capacity of about 2200 Mah that caters for the fun activities of the user as it helps it carry out its functions, most customers didn’t complain about this feature and it can be deduced that in relation to the features of the phone, the capacity of the battery is just the perfect size.


The manufacturers know that there may be one form of issue as regards the purchase of the phone, so they made sure that the phone has warranty that last up to about a year, this is to strengthen the customer relationship and to ensure that the customers enjoy the use of their phone to the fullest.

Every device has one or two laps with its design, and it is important we discuss about some of these issues which are briefly discussed as follows; Most customers were of the opinion that the phone gets overheated during use, making the phone to get hotter unnecessarily, the OTG Support Cable is another issue raised by some customers, it is now the duty of the manufacturer to look into some of these complaints.

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