Refurbished G Series

Refurbished Huawei G Series - Factory Unlocked Huawei Phones

The pre-owned Huawei G Series is one of a kind as the machine helps to blend in on performance and reliability, no wonder the phone is the talk of the moment because of the features it has to offer. It is very interesting to know that the phone performs so many functions and indeed so many customers have shown great delight in this device. It will be of great significance if we discuss about some of the features of this phone, its pro, its con and reason why most people crave for the G Series.


The G-Series ranges from 5 inches, 5.2 inches, 5. 5 inches, with these screen sizes it will be important to say that the manufacturer knows that the preference of customers differs and they have ensured that they make the screen sizes to vary from one another, yet having the same performance. The restored phone has a full HD resolution and a pixel density of about of 401 PPI making sure that the customer has better graphics when surfing the internet or taking pictures. This kind of resolution is rarely seen in other phone models, as the manufacturer gave cognizance to quality graphics, thereby making it a plus for the phone industry in general.

Security Measure

It is a known fact that most devices use one form of security to ensure that one’s privacy is taken care of, in doing this, other Android phones make use of the pattern, pin, encrypted words, etc. to lock their device. With the new Huawei G series, another feature is introduced, which is the fingerprint sensor, this feature makes use of our fingerprint as a platform for unlocking this device. With this in place, it is not possible for anyone to make use of this device without our consent.

Camera Quality

The manufacturers of the G – Series and Huawei P8 have noticed that people complain a lot about the kind of picture quality they get while taking their snapshots and in order for this occurrence not to keep happening, they introduced a camera quality of a high standard. The front camera is about 5 megapixels, while the rear camera is about 16 megapixels, with this in place, it will be noticed that most customers now take pleasure in taking pictures with the G-Series brand of phones.

Memory Capacity

The beauty of this phone also comprises of the memory capacity, the manufacturer of the G-Series knows that people complain about the storage capacity of phones and they have ensured that this complaint is being improved upon, by introducing a storage capacity of about 32 GB making it possible to store files of any kind. They also made available an expandable storage slot that can take up to about 64 GB storage capacity.

Finally, it has come to the notice of the public that amidst these great functions exhibited by the Huawei manufacturer.

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