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The usage of mobile phones in this modern world is on the increase as people want to get the best of their device making sure they utilize the functions of this phone. In doing this, one needs to be careful when purchasing a device as it is sometime difficult to differentiate between a refurbished phone and an original phone. The HTC Desire original phone has some features that help to differentiate it from a refurbished HTC Desire phone; some of these features are discussed as follows;


A new HTC Desire is usually expensive as compared to other refurbished phones ; this is because all the parts of the machine used are of good factory standard, unlike the refurbished HTC Desire phone that makes use of some parts that we can’t vouch for its authenticity.

Battery Usage

It is a known fact that most android devices consumes a lot of power, and this is due to the fact that Android phones consist of so many functions and features. HTC Desire 816 is also one of such phones that help to make the usage of android phones interesting; on the contrary this phone has issues with its battery capacity. The battery capacity is up to about 2600 mah, this cannot help the phone function properly as one may need to run so many apps and functions on the phone ranging from different apps, games, google map, calculator etc, and some other features that solely depends on the battery. Be it refurbished or a new HTC Desire 816 , the phone battery needs better improvement. One of the best HTC's out there regarding battery usage efficiency is the refurbished HTC One.

Choice of Processor and Ram Management

Depending on what one intends to use this mobile phone for, it makes use of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset with 1.6 Ghz quad core Cortex A7 c.p.u, Adreno 305 G.P.U and 1.5 GB ram. This processor works just fine and so far so good, it is used to actualize basic functions of the phone. But with recent design and models, this processor won’t be able to compete as it has limited features. The more apps get installed on this device, the lower the performance of the device, but when the machine has a good processor speed and additional ram management, this won’t occur.

Construction of the HTC Desire

The choice of materials used for the production of this device is of low standard, as compared to other products. The power key is not on the side of the phone, making it difficult to power on this phone, the side buttons are poorly positioned and the choice of material used is cheap, majorly the usage of plastic and it’s not fascinating.

Finally the phone is very good to use as it comes with some unique features that makes it one in town, features like the camera ensures that the quality of the picture is superb, the resolution is about 1080p, 13mega pixel Camera quality. It also make use of a recent 4g LTE network that make sure that the internet facility on this phone is fast, and a built in 8gb internal memory that can be expanded to about 16gb memory capacity.

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