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There are a lot of smartphones out there but if you are looking for the best HTC refurbished phones then you are in the right place. Below you’ll find reviews and descriptions of the best HTC smartphones that satisfy their users and become more popular day by day thanks to their smart features and unique designs.

Refurbished HTC 10

HTC 10 is one of the newest HTC smartphones with cool specifications. It comes up with "M" designator providing with a mastery of metal and glass. This phone has 5.5-inch QuadHD display, 3,000 mAh battery. The experience shows that its camera is good enough with just a few rough spots and no huge problematic flaws. Buying a refurbished mobile will help you save money as compared with many other high-quality phones which are more expensive than they're supposed to be. Also you have to look at the phone specifications if it comes factory unlocked or not.

Refurbished HTC One A9

They say that the HTC One A9 is another expensive phone from HTC with disappointing battery life. But it has many advantages too. It’s considered as something fancy between mid-range and high-end phones with a dainty unibody metal shell that looks really amazing. The beauty of display round the front is touchable enough. The biggest advantage of the A9 is surely its software and operating system that amuses the users.

Refurbished HTC One M8

The HTC ONE M8, also known as the all new HTC ONE is one of the most popular models from HTC, released in March 2014. The HTC One M8 has a similar design to the the ONE, being a decent screen-sized smarthphone with a lightweight of only 160grams. Buying a certified pre-owned unlocked HTC One M8 can be a great bargain, this model having big value for money.

Refurbished HTC One M9

The next is the refurbished HTC One M9 smartphone that offers a new shelf on the edges, which make it easier to be hold. It comes up with Android 5.0.2 Lollipop and the most prominent difference in the software is the inclusion of a new "Sense Home" widget. It is created special for those who want to use apps at home, at work and when they are "Out." That is to say, downloaded apps are moved to a "Downloads" folder.

Refurbished HTC Desire 530

In spite of the fact that there were cases when HTC has disappointed us, the HTC Desire 530 phone a phone had the potential to be one of 2016 best affordable smartphones. It has a cool 'Micro Splash' finish, which is actually created using nozzles that spray paint on carious thickness and at different pressures. If you choose this device then you are going to rock a unique smartphone with a posh design. It seems as if the Desire 530 is created with special care to be provided with this design. It has 530’s 5.0-inch Super LCD display and 1,280x720-pixel resolution.

Refurbished HTC Desire 626

The HTC Desire 626 is a solid phone, which you can find at a cheaper price, especially in the UK. The viewing angles aren’t impressive just from the first sight. This device offers better camera, more RAM and more storage, which make a good thing to opt for. Compared with many other smartphones it stands out with its 5-inch 720p screen and 13MP camera. As for the design you can make your choice between two options; one with a light blue edge placed between a dark blue front and another one with slightly more understated style in a light brown edge sat between a glossy white front and back.

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