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Between the variety of smartphone providers Blackberry is known as one of the best thanks to its quality and physical keyboard phones. Of course, it has innovative and more stylish models with touchscreens and high-end specifications but there are still many people that prefer physical keyboards instead. Today we’ll focus on the Blackberry Priv refurbished phone and will find out some of its most common features as well as will discuss the main functions of refurbished blackberry phones.

Blackberry Priv Refurbished - Design

The refurbished Blackberry Priv phone is considered as well-made Android device with a unique feature set. Compared with the previous models of Blackberry phones (with keyboards) this one is a faster smartphone with an awesome display, hardware keyboard and solid build and design. The refurbished Blackberry Priv is a big black smartphone with 147 x 77.2 x 9.4mm. Its display is closed and therefore it looks neater and more stylish. In spite of the fact that besides the touchscreen it also has a keyboard it still doesn't feel all that thick.

It’s perhaps one of the few high-quality Android phones that also have a hardware qwerty keyboard. If you think that slider phones are no more in use and they are old-fashioned then you haven’t seen this cool combination. Its slider moves easily, and slots into place with a satisfying click. The blackberry Priv looks a high-end phone thanks to its entirely black, glass-fronted style with silver metal trim, being simmilar to the refurbished Blackberry Passport. You can consider it as a great option if you like both physical keyboard and touchscreen.

Blackberry Priv Refurbished - Specifications

Now, let’s talk about the coolest specifications a Blackberry Priv refurbished phone can offer. It has a 5.4-inch QHD dual-curved display, which generally wraps around the front part. It has an AMOLED screen, which provides with bright colors and tones. Photos usually look fantastic and satisfy users with their brightness, clearness and detailed effects. What concerns the keyboard, it’s actually a seldom used detail on the phone as it already has a touchscreen but if you prefer using physical keyboard while typing then this is your cup of tea. Just enjoy it.

Sometimes thumb typing makes sense especially when the thing is about long emails or reports. This smartphone stands out with its Snapdragon 808 processor and 3GB of RAM, LG G4 Android, GPU with Adreno 418 graphics, 32GB of storage, 3,410mAh non-removable battery with 22.5 hours of 'mixed usage' on a single charge. The main camera is 18Mp and front is a 2Mp selfie camera both capturing incredible shots.

This was considered the best phone camera of 2015. All the details are seen on the photos both close-ups and postcard-styles. In use it’s pretty good and in general, it is excellent thanks to its responsive and sharp nature and the ability to handle anything you throw at it.

The Priv is full Android, which means that you get all of Google's tools. Still, if you want to buy it in a cheaper price tag you should opt for the refurbished Blackberry Priv smartphones, which have all the desired features and specifications as the new one.

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