Refurbished Bold

Factory Unlocked Blackberry Bold

After doing some research in the field of the most popular Blackberry phones you’ll realize that the Bold Blackberry Phones are one of the most requested models for the moment. They make another group of unique and high-quality Blackberry phones. Within the BlackBerry family of smartphones, the Bold brand has its special place. Many think that it’s best option of all Blackberry phones with its quality, functionality and durability. It comes up with several models including Blackberry Bold 9000/9900/9700/9780 etc. depending on some little differences each of them carry your choice may vary but after all you’ll find the best one pleasing your expectations. Slightly different than the refurbished Blackberry Priv, the Bold model stands out of the model ranger due to its distinctive form factor.


Now, let’s discuss the most eye-catching differences between the popular models of Bold Blackberry phones to discover the coolest version for you. So, while the Bold 9000 surely made a bold and flashy statement with its sizeable dimensions and big keyboard, the abundance of plastic-chrome and faux-leather Blackberry Bold 9900 offered even better possibilities. As for the BlackBerry Bold 9700/9780 9630/Bold 9650 models, it took a more conservative approach - downsizing the Bold to be more Curve-like in stature. These options also go with subtler styles and looks making it a somehow too understated to be considered Bold.


The newest Blackberry Bold phones stand out with their luxurious design and modern solutions. The 9900 brings back the popular wide-body design of the original Blackberry Bold 9000 white, but the comparisons show that it’s much sleeker in its package, which makes use of premium materials throughout. Instead of the plastic-chrome we see metal ones. It’s perhaps the Blackberry Bold phone we've been waiting for as its touchscreen placed on the outside and upgraded hardware platform on the inside provide with more functionality and performance than the other Blackberry Smartphones.

Blackberry Bold Phone; Specifications

If you think of choosing a refurbished Blackberry Bold 9900 phone make sure it has the following specifications and features; 2.8-inch capacitive touch screen and a great resolution for its size - 640x480, GSM/GPRS/EDGE handset, supports a tri-band HSPA, has a 5MP camera, 768MB of RAM and a 8GB build-in memory.

Refurbished Blackberry Bold Phone

You can get a fully refurbished Blackberry phones by online shops or form common mobile shops. However, you need to assure several things like the warranty, its being locked or unlocked and so on. Thus, whether you buy from an online shop or somewhere else the seller should definitely provide with warranty. It will make you feel more confident.

Then, it’s easier to use unlocked phones than locked ones. On the other hand, an unlocked phone is the one that’s not tied into a certain carrier’s network and works with more than one service provider. Then check the regular features and functions. The advantage of a refurbished phone is that its cost drops and you get discounts for it in spite of the fact that it’s updated and repaired with new details. The reason is that someone has liked it before you and bought it in its newest state, used for a short period of time and then replaced it with another one. The qualities are actually the same and you get the opportunity to save money.

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